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Additional Services

Statemtent Analysis Services and Consulting

In addition to our acclaimed courses in Professional Forensic Statement Analysis training we offer a variety of forensic and clinical services                                          

Our services are available for private consultations on all cases related to Forensic Statement Analysis. Our past clients have included government agencies, law enforcement, attorneys, investigators, insurance companies, medical and psychiatric evaluators, human resources departments, private industry security, and individuals.

What kind of material do we analyze? 

  1. Any written material including statements from victims and witnesses of criminal activity. 
  2. Confessions and alibi statements from suspected perpetrators. 
  3. Letters and notes, either individually or in a series. 
  4. Transcripts of court testimony and depositions. 
  5. E-mail, Discussion List, and chat room postings. 
  6. Diaries, Journals, Memorandums, Records, Notes, and Reports. 
  7. Real-time interviews and interrogations 
  8. Responses to Voir Dire questionnaires. 
  9. Answers to direct and cross examination questions. 
  10. Protocols from treatment process notes and psychological tests including the Rorschach and Thematic Apperception Test.
  11. Suicide notes, extortion and ransom notes, hate mail and death threats.
  12. Resumes, Employment questionnaires, and answers to Behavioral Interview questions.

How do we differ from other statement analysis services? 

  1. Because of our strong clinical psychology background and experience, we are able to interpret not only the form and structure of communications, but also the deeper motivations and unconscious messages. Years of working with Thematic Apperception Test stories allow us to identify recurrent themes in a longitudinal series of messages and documents. 
  2. We are able to devise the most psychologically effective interview and interrogation questions that utilize the subject's own defensive structure to get truthful answers and confessions. 
  3. We are able to offer specific strategies for diffusing difficult situations before they actually become dangerous and violent. 
  4. Using our proprietary statement analysis software (F.A.S.T.) we are able to batch analyze even very long documents in a timely manner, and locate those critical segments that require expert scrutiny and immediate operational attention. 
  5. By integrating Computer Voice Stress and Forensic Statement Analysis we are able to evaluate not only the Credibility Quotient of taped material, but also the stress levels of individual segments. In threat assessment cases this dual approach has proved invaluable in demarcating levels of danger. 

In handwritten communications we are able to able to analyze the form structure of the writing, the spacing between phrases, the pressure variance in words, and retracing in key segments in order to help confirm the presence of thought disorder, anxiety, depression, rage, ambivalence, impulsivity, and hesitation.

How do we charge for Forensic Statement Analysis consultations?

                                            Pricing is determined by the time involved and complexity of each case. We can bill at an hourly rate or for an entire investigation and analytic report.

To discuss how our services might be of use to you please contact us at:" width="25"/> E-mail:   Call: (510) 527-5675   Fax: (510) 528-0184   


                                           By Mail:

TheirWords Deception Analysis
                                            1164 Euclid Ave
                                            Berkeley, CA 94708