Statement Analysis TrainingTestimonials

"Ken Diriscoll is a "guru" on the subject of Statement Analysis"

-Avinoam Sapir (the founder of the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation)

 "I truly enjoyed this class. It was eye opening and clearly has merit in the investigative world. When I first ordered your class I could not put it down. I find myself LISTIENG to what people are saying and HOW they say it in the news, print and normal everyday communications."

-D. Curtis (Internal Affairs) 

"I can't praise the TheirWords course highly enough. I had taken the S.C.A.N. training years ago and thought I knew all about Statement Analysis. Boy was I naive. Donald Bender's insights from discourse analysis and cognitive psychology open a whole new window into what is really going on when somebody tells me their story."

-T. Dansworth ( Silicon Valley Security Supervisor)